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“I Own You.”

Cat I own youYup, if my cat could speak, that’s exactly what he’d say.

You think I’m lying?

My cat has devised an escape plan.  You see, I have a dog too and “Fritz” knows that when I get up to take the dog out that’s THE moment.

After I walk out, I imagine he saunters to the door, sits and waits…patiently…knowingly that I’ll have the dog leash in one hand and the doorknob in the other.  Yes, somehow he figured out I have only two useable hands, so he doesn’t run as if he’s afraid I’ll catch him because he knows I won’t, so he just strolls along, with his tail in the air, swinging to and fro, proud of himself, I assume.

Sometimes, he may even take a moment to look back, and I’m sure he’s thinking it, ‘That’s right.  I own you.’