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I must be in a mood…

I have no idea, really, what the hell this is.  I must have been possessed by my darker side, but it does have a happy ending, kind of…you’ll see. 😉

It was a tragic kind of love,
fragmented memories,
from a long time ago.
His voice,
like a stinging wind
stealing my breath,
as I tremble in fear.
He strikes,
with forked tongue
jabbing my heart,
and furious fists
crack cartilage and bone,
then a light,
A blinding yet brilliant light,
fills me with warmth,
as I start to drift home,
to Eternity,
where I belong.
No need to shed a tear for me.
I’m safe now.
I’m free.


The Standing Stones Of Lost Friends

Beyond the dark, a tunnel of light…I really, really like this poem, so I thought I’d share it. Check out his blog, if you like poetry, you won’t be disappointed.

Pete Scribes


Standing Stones

Our grief defined in expanding rows,
Of standing stones, of missing friends,
Of love you sowed, of wrenching ends,
Those echoes of laughter, carried in our hearts
I keep them banked against future dark

© 2014 Peter Anstiss

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Poetry Scurvy

Oh, I love this! Couldn’t resist!!

Graeme Sandford


I am not worthy:

I suffer from poetry scurvy!

Too many times

I have forsaken the rhymes

That to me are like limes.


I come out in blotches… and rashes… splotches and spots…

If I don’t write, and recite, poetry… lots!


It’s like a maddening disease,

I cough and I sneeze…

Give me some poetry, please!


Read to me of the Ancient’s Rime,

Or, give me, but world enough and time

Then this shakiness, lady, would be no crime,

For I could pen a line or two,

And dedicate my verse to you,

Jot a Limerick, neat and quick,

Or create for you

A perfectly good Haiku –

That would surely do the trick!


But, as it is, I’m fairly sure

My fevered brow will dare no more

To put down words for others’ pleasure;

Buried deep is my lyrical treasure.


No ‘X’ marks the…

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Very nice.

I view God as a father figure in my life. He sets the rules, and I rebel like every child does and, like my earth parents, no matter how far I stray from the path they try to keep me on, no matter how many bad decisions I make, how many people I hurt, I know they will always be there to see me through.

I have great parents, they aren’t perfect, but they did the best they could sacrificing a lot for themselves to provide us a better life than the one they had. I respect them for that.

Great post.