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Caturday Reader: Cat in Polish Animal Shelter Makes the Best Nurse

What a wonderful story!

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Cats get a bad rap, but they can be sensitive and nurturing too. The cutest nurse at a Polish animal shelter is under a foot tall, with pointed ears and black fur.

Rademenes, a black cat who lives at the shelter in Bydgoszcz, does the important work of providing comfort and companionship to animals undergoing medical treatment. Duties include gently resting on top of recovering cats and spooning canine patients.


Rademenes came to live at the animal shelter after his original owners brought him in with an inflamed respiratory tract, and feared he was too sick to make a recovery, Polish news channel TVN Meteo reported. But veterinarian Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich took a liking to the cat, and managed to nurse him back to health before taking him in as her own.


Now Rademenes is considered an important asset to office staff, comforting patients after surgery and sometimes cleaning their ears.

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I’ve been thinking about this whole blogging thing…

So, I’m online and what pops into my head? “Cherry Poppin’ Daddies”. When I first heard the name, as perverted as I am, you can imagine what was going through my head, kinda’ creepy but, then they go and record one of my favorite songs. So, I figured I share it with you.