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Caturday Reader: Cat in Polish Animal Shelter Makes the Best Nurse

What a wonderful story!

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Cats get a bad rap, but they can be sensitive and nurturing too. The cutest nurse at a Polish animal shelter is under a foot tall, with pointed ears and black fur.

Rademenes, a black cat who lives at the shelter in Bydgoszcz, does the important work of providing comfort and companionship to animals undergoing medical treatment. Duties include gently resting on top of recovering cats and spooning canine patients.


Rademenes came to live at the animal shelter after his original owners brought him in with an inflamed respiratory tract, and feared he was too sick to make a recovery, Polish news channel TVN Meteo reported. But veterinarian Lucyna Kuziel-Zawalich took a liking to the cat, and managed to nurse him back to health before taking him in as her own.


Now Rademenes is considered an important asset to office staff, comforting patients after surgery and sometimes cleaning their ears.

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Understanding the Work: Collaborative filmmaking as the future.

For my followers who are into film making, thought I should share because I think this is a wonderful idea

Liam Billingham

If we reduce social life to the smallest possible unit we will find that there is no social life in the company of one. 

– Jerzy Kosinski

‘Purple,’ my short created in collaboration with the cast.

Hey all,

I hope you all survived the blizzard intact.

2015 is here, and I have big filmmaking goals. One is to shoot my feature, The Cape House, but another is to adopt a new way of working.

Almost 3 years ago, I made a short film called ‘Purple.’ ‘Purple’ was unique in how I made it. There’s a longer post about this specific subject on A-Bittersweet-Life today, but, briefly, I didn’t write a script before casting. I instead came up with a basic idea, cast the film, then, through rehearsal and conversations, wrote the movie in collaboration with my cast.

This is not a new approach. Many great directors, like Mike Leigh and…

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The Land of the Forbidden

Ooo…I like this!

Annie's Poetry

Do you dare to read the words

bled out onto white pages

with nothing to doubt

no restriction of concept or paradigm 

no restriction of what reality really is

What is real and what is not

is at the poet’s discretion…

what is true and what is not

what is reality and what is plot

who exists and who is imagined

We write to entertain your mind

to stimulate your imagination

and tantalize your senses

words that make you feel such sorrow

words that make you smile or laugh

words so powerful you sit and say nothing

for nothing is the right thing to say

don’t look for forgiveness

don’t look for remorse

it is the world of true feeling 

it is the world of your pain

the less you admit it

the less you will gain

because something inside you

rings true with each verse

there is something that…

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Rockheart – The Black Keys – Too Afraid To Love You

Whoa! I just had major “acid trip” flashback, dude! Nice. 😉 I think it’s time to take my opium pipe for a drive and ride those waves.

I’m glad I looked this over, for some reason the video is not playing, so I’ve posted the link to the YouTube video.   Check it out!

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Mik Mob's Music Mass

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