I was reminiscing about my acting days…

and I realized, my desire for writing was stronger.  When I was looking for monologues to audition with, I didn’t really like the ones I found, so I started writing my own.  Of course, according to a pretty influential talent manager in the business, using your own material was a big “no, no” but, on a more positive note, after I performed my monologue, he said, “If you wrote that, that’s pretty good.”

So, I was playing around with something I posted on Twitter and I think this would make a pretty, awesome audition monologue.  I’ve posted the tweet below, so you can see what I was working with.  The character I had in my mind is a Kentucky gal, so a southern accent, more hillbilly than belle, would work best.


That reminds me of a time when losing your mind was just a product of good moonshine.

My great grandaddy used to make moonshine, as a matter of fact, the people in town said his moonshine was as close to a “near death” experience you can get.  He was also responsible for the first chemical explosion in Kentucky. I think antifreeze was involved, so you can imagine, right?

With that being said, losing your mind don’t seem so far fetched now, does it?

Oh, and I wouldn’t advise drinking any if you’re trying to impress a girl because, after you lose your mind, I think your bowels are the next thing to go, you know, kind of like when you die, which is probably what you’re gonna’ want to do after you finally managed to crawl your ass out of bed the next day.

Not that I would know, never touched the stuff myself. I don’t even drink alcohol really, and as far as drugs are concerned, except for an experimental phase with “Mary Jane” during my college days…well, I might’ve experienced more than one “Mary Jane” that night, effectively killing two birds with one stone, I might add.

And Mama thought college never taught me nothin’.  Boy, was she wrong.

4 thoughts on “I was reminiscing about my acting days…

  1. I could really identify with your desire for writing; beginning out as someone who wanted to act, it occurred to me in due time that what I really liked doing was creating stories and characters, and today I’ve steered my course towards that path. And, I must say that you’ve got a great blog here. I’ve been enjoying reading some of your posts.

    Also, thanks for following my blog.

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