A Mountain and Valley Safari Out of this World.

Mount_Everest_as_seen_from_Drukair2_PLW_editMount Everest is the tallest mountain on earth at 29,035 feet or 8848 meters high at its’ peak. Adventurers across the globe come to brave the elements just so they can say they climbed the highest mountain, and many have died trying since the 1920’s. (Sorry, I’m just full of bad puns today.)


Of course, to say they climbed the highest mountain they would have to travel a lot farther, to the largest volcano in our solar system, standing 3 times as high as Mount Everest with a diameter roughly the size of Arizona.

Olympus Mons

They call it Olympus Mons, which was derived from the Mount Olympus of Greek Mythology where the gods and goddesses, summoned by Zeus, would meet on the summit.

Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus

For many adventurists and thrill seekers, this might seem like an ideal vacation spot but, unfortunately, they would have to travel to Mars to get there.



Yes, Mars is the hot spot for what I’m sure would be quite the breathtaking view.

Mars dust storm
Mars dust storm

Of course, if you don’t mind breathing in all that rust, or being swept away by the dust storms that could cover the entire planet in a manner of days, with the proper transportation and the right suit, you might be able to pull it off.


Valles Marineris looking east
Valles Marineris looking east

Of course, the “mountain and valley safari” wouldn’t be complete without a pit stop at the Valles Marineris, host to the largest canyons in the solar system, which are as long the US is wide with some spanning 5 times deeper than the Grand Canyon.

I don’t know why I was so interested in Mars, but I learned a lot of interesting tidbits about the planet I didn’t know before from a few wonderful resources I’m listing below.

Please give them the credit they’re due by checking them out.


National Geographic – Everest

Nasa – Olympus Mons

Arcadia Street – Mars

Gods and Monsters – Mount Olympus

Universe Today – Mars Dust Storms

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