Month: November 2014

Don’t Forget About Zombie Safety On Thanksgiving!

This is one I can’t resist re-blogging. I love it.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

ZombiesAs Thanksgiving approaches, Modern Philosophers, it is very easy to let down our guard as the Holiday Spirit consumes us and we consume large quantities of food.

The Maine Department For Safety Against Zombies and The Maine Zombie Census Bureau have asked me to remind you that Thanksgiving is the second most dangerous Holiday for Zombie attacks (St. Patrick’s Day holds the top spot on the list).

Andrew Nicotero, Director of the Safety Against Zombies Department,  stopped by The House on the Hill today to share a few simple things that you can do to keep yourself from becoming a Zombie’s Thanksgiving Feast.

“Burn your leftovers,” Nicotero stated as we enjoyed a Snapple at the dining room table.  “We’re not sure why, but Zombies are wicked attracted to turkey carcasses, stuffing, and gravy.  They love gravy.  Maine Zombie Hunters actually use big tubs of it to attract Zombie herds when…

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Love from the first sight!

I love black and whites, and these are beautiful. Thanks.



FAMILY by JF FAMILY                                                                                                                  by JF

LOVE FROM THE FIRST SIGHT by JF LOVE FROM THE FIRST SIGHT                                                                   by JF

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Very nice.

I view God as a father figure in my life. He sets the rules, and I rebel like every child does and, like my earth parents, no matter how far I stray from the path they try to keep me on, no matter how many bad decisions I make, how many people I hurt, I know they will always be there to see me through.

I have great parents, they aren’t perfect, but they did the best they could sacrificing a lot for themselves to provide us a better life than the one they had. I respect them for that.

Great post.