Happy Thanksgiving

indexTo all of you! 

I thought it would be a perfect time to say, “Thank you for making me a part of your WordPress community.  It’s awesome!  You’re awesome!!”

Turkey_dinnerSo, I’m going to relax, sit down and enjoy a nice, turkey dinner with all the trimmings, and I didn’t even have to chop off it’s head.  Then again, I was told I couldn’t do that anymore after the incident last Thanksgiving when I accidentally chopped off the head of…well, never mind.

Of course, after dinner when the Tryptophan kicks in, I’ll crash and burn the midnight oil in la la land.zzzThat’s where Vin Diesel and I will be chillin’.  Hey, it’s my dream, I can hang out with whoever I want, so…

macaca_sticking_out_tongue_by_frankylie-d320v4mHave a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!

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