Yes, today I have a warning label with a disclaimer.

My thoughts are very dark today, who knows, maybe I’ll catch just a glimpse of gray, but maybe, just maybe I’ll realize it’s nothing a little, electroshock therapy can’t fix.

“Nothing like going to the extreme.”  I’d say in a butchered British accent.

You ask me, “How do you feel today?”

Like just a pile of dung, and not just any dung, that heaping, stinking, fly ridden pile of cow dung.

cow dung

That’s where the indentation came from.  This is how we know God has a sick sense of humor.  He raised us from the earth, but neglected to tell us it was full of “poop mines”.

I’m sorry, were you eating?

Too bad, chuck it up!

After all, you’re the one who asked in the first place.


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