“I Own You.”

Cat I own youYup, if my cat could speak, that’s exactly what he’d say.

You think I’m lying?

My cat has devised an escape plan.  You see, I have a dog too and “Fritz” knows that when I get up to take the dog out that’s THE moment.

After I walk out, I imagine he saunters to the door, sits and waits…patiently…knowingly that I’ll have the dog leash in one hand and the doorknob in the other.  Yes, somehow he figured out I have only two useable hands, so he doesn’t run as if he’s afraid I’ll catch him because he knows I won’t, so he just strolls along, with his tail in the air, swinging to and fro, proud of himself, I assume.

Sometimes, he may even take a moment to look back, and I’m sure he’s thinking it, ‘That’s right.  I own you.’


12 thoughts on ““I Own You.”

    1. That ‘straight and narrow path” has cliffs on each side, sometimes it’s difficult to keep your balance, and sometimes you fall, but I always believe we can crawl our way back, but only if we choose to. Posts that make me think are worthy of re-blogs.in my book…

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    1. Yeah, they seem to have a sixth sense. Maybe that’s why “witches” choose black cats. They do have a personality all their own, dark and mysterious. That’s what I see when I look into his big green eyes, before he head butts me, of course. 🙂


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