“A Pot Head’s Dream?” #Marijuana

There was a narcotics seizure in San Bernardino, CA of 10,000lbs of marijuana.  Can you imagine?  You know, if someone lit a torch, there might be some small community sharing delusions of pink elephants.

“Hurry!  Take a picture.  I’m sure someone would pay a lot of money to see that.  We could buy more weed.”

Come on! Strive for greatness.  This is a capitalist country.  Why smoke a few bowls when you smoke a whole field.  I would pay every penny I have to catch a glimpse of the hookah that could make that happen.

They make it sound like it’s an equivalent to smoking crack.  Is it any worse than alcohol and that’s legal.  Have you ever heard a group of pot heads, after smoking a few bowls say, “Dude, let’s go raise some hell!”  Sure, as soon as I can pry my ass off this couch, I’ll be sure to do that.. Heathcliffe thumbs up


Hey, look, after smoking a few bowls the only hell I’m raising is over a bag or Doritos, okay.

You think I’m lying?  I have 2 pantries in my house and they’re both full of Doritos.  I’m an addict, they’ll be gone in three days.  Went to a few meetings, been clean for an hour.

Oh come on!  Give me a break!  It was half a Dorito.  Do you think it’s easy going non-cheesy?


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