“Bad Boy: Lex Luthor played by Michael Rosenbaum”

Michael-Rosenbaum_LexSay whatever you want but, despite becoming Superman’s arch enemy, “Lex Luthor” had some great qualities.

He was intelligent, loyal to his friends, at least until he tried to destroy them and, ulterior motives aside, he was a generous man.

“Don’t criticize them, they are what we would be under similar circumstances.” – Abraham Lincoln.

“Lex” was just a little boy trapped in a man’s body desperately seeking love and affection from his father, “Lionel”, who was a complete sociopath and evil to the core.PrototypeHe never really had a chance, not a true one anyway.  You need only look at his father to understand why he turned out the way he did.

“The sins of the father are visited upon the son.”

Unfortunately, despite his efforts to become a better man, he just couldn’t pull himself out from under his father’s shadow.  Which is a shame because he could’ve been a really, good man..

smallville12aI’ll tell you what, “Michael Rosenbaum” did one helluva job bringing “Lex Luthor” to life.  He created this amazing character,

Sometimes you liked him, sometimes you loved him, sometimes you felt sorry for him and just wanted to hug him and the next thing you know, you wanted to kill him.

Cheers to you “Mr. Rosenbaum”, you are a talented man..







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